Monday, December 19, 2005

We are a pathetic bunch...

Our whole household has been sick since last week. That is why I haven't been updating the ole blog very much. It all started with Emerson and then progressed to all of us. Poor Hayden got an ear infection also. We took them to the doctor on Friday and they got their flu shots too. Hayden went first and didn't complain at all. We were shocked! He got a sucker afterwards and was proud of himself. Emerson was a different story. He screamed bloody murder. It was pitiful. It's funny, but Hayden now asks to go get another shot from the doctor. What a weird child, huh?

I have been meaning to tell you all, but I keep forgetting, Emerson has said his first word(s). Before he turned one, he was saying "what's that?". Isn't that hilarious?! He points out an object and say that. It kinda sounds like one word, but hey, it's 2 syllables. I am impressed, lol.


cheri said...

my oldest daughter was a fan of the flu shot too....very strange. i think she liked the band-aid she got afterwards. although after hearing her little friends not liking shots and seeing shots on tv being made a "big deal" as painful, she has told me she doesn't want anymore shots. haha.