Sunday, November 27, 2005

Whirlwind Holiday Vacation

I swear, these past few days have been nothing but hustle and bustle for us. It will be so good to return to normal this week!

Thanksgiving went really well. I spent the day before cooking and cleaning in preparation for our guests. My parents and my Dad's parents join us almost every year for the feast. It's funny, even when it was just C and me in college, we would but the biggest turkey we could get our grubby paws on. We are huge left-over turkey fanatics. At least now we have a better reason to buy such a large bird, LOL. Anyway, they all got here around lunchtime and we had a fantastic visit. My grandparents haven't seen Emerson in a long time. They couldn't believe how big he has grown. They also couldn't believe how much food he could pack in that little belly of his. The kid eats more than I do! See the photo of him reaching onto someone's plate? That would be mine. He couldn't wait for me to sit down so he started to help himself. Man, I hate to know how much it will cost to feed these boys when they are teenagers. Yikes!
In case you are wondering why my Mom has her fingers in what looks like peace signs, just know that there is a good explanation. Everytime you pick up both of the boys, Hayden will say "You got 2 boys" because that is what Clayton and I both say when we carry the two of them together. Cute, huh?

This weekend, Clayton turned the big *29*, heh heh. I keep telling him that he is almost 30. I don't think that he likes the sound of that. We celebrated by going out and having some fun in honor of his day. Mom took Hayden back to High Point with her on Thursday, so it was just us two and E. We were supposed to have a sitter for E, but it didn't work out. That night, Clayton pulled out all the Christmas stuff and totally decorated our house. I admit it, I didn't do a dang thing. It was all him. He is so into the Christmas thing. He was listening to Christmas music and dancing around as he put up the tree. I enjoyed watching him while sitting on the couch, LOL.

Today, we went to the Flat Rock Playhouse and saw "The Greatest Christmas Pageant Ever". It was really cute and we had a good time. It was our first time going to the FRP and I can say that we will go back. I highly recommend it :)


Joanna Bolick said...

Happy, happy birthday to Clayton!! The lights look great! So glad you had a good Thanksgiving, too!