Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ugh! Yucky disease has taken over our household!

Well, it has been a while since I updated the old blog. Sorry about that, but we have all been sick lately. I caught it hard-core from the kiddos on Thursday and Clayton finally got it today. Yippee.

Here's a recap from the past couple of days:


Tracy and Austin came over to our house so that they could ride with us to the mall. We were meeting our friend Angela for a little bit of shopping at B. Moss. I watched Angela's 4 year old (Kaitlynn) and Hayden at the kiddie play area while the other moms went shopping. Naturally, Hayden decides he has to go pee shortly after, so I have to round up the two of them plus Emerson and the double stroller to go to the bathroom. We waited outside of the family restroom for ten freaking minutes! Both kids were doing the pee pee dance and I was about to kill whoever was in there. Some custodian walks past me and tells me that I can go to the regular restrooms. Yeah right. How in the heck do you suppose I am going to get the double stroller, all of our belongings, 2 toddlers and myself into a stall, hmmm? This bathroom that he is referring to doesn't even allow enough room for me to turn the stroller into it. What a nincompoop. Besides, if I really could have went to the regular bathroom, I WOULD HAVE!!! Anyway, the door finally opens up to the family bathroom and a mall employee comes out. It specifically says on the door that mall employees are not to use that bathroom. UGH. As mad as I was, I am surprised that I kept my mouth shut. I just couldn't say anything to the guy because he was old and was really slow. I felt bad for him, but I know that he could have used a stall in the men's room. Why can't people just follow the rules?

We had a birthday party for Sage at Chuck E. Cheese after lunch. The kids had a great time. Hayden loved spending his "money" (tokens).

That night, Tracy and I took the boys to the fair. Tracy's brother, Alex, came along too. Everything was going well until I felt dizzy, nauseous, and had a headache beyond belief! I didn't know what was going on. Tracy took the boys to ride several rides while I tried to rest on a bench. She said she knew that I was sick considering I hadn't even asked for a fried twinkie or Snickers bar yet, LOL. The smells and noises were killing me. I felt so guilty because I wanted to see Hayden enjoying the rides. This was his first year doing so. He was too chicken last year. I decided to go to the first aid station to see if they had any medicine. I got some motrin and a water. Thankfully, I began to feel alot better after that and was able to function again. I didn't ever feel good enough to get something fatty and fried, but I did get me a key lime pie slice on a stick. It was frozen and dipped in chocolate. Can we say "yummy"! Check out my photos above.


I kept Hayden out of school again today because I was incredibly sick. My throat was on fire and I couldn't even swallow my own spit. It was horrible. The kiddos were better, but I took a major dive into sickdom.


Not much to say about that day except that we did nothing but hang around the house.