Wednesday, September 07, 2005

First Day of Pre-School

Today, Hayden suddenly became a big boy in my eyes. I walked him to class and hung up his little book bag on his peg that had his name tag above it. It felt so weird. When he walked through the classroom door, he bolted for the blocks and that was the last I saw of him before leaving. Tears welled up in my eyes as I walked away. My little boy was finally a BIG boy in every sense of the word. Now that he is potty trained and going to school, he seems to have matured a great deal over the summer. I wasted the next 3 hours chatting with some gal pals in Black Bear (local coffee shop), walking Big E around downtown Hendersonville, and then waiting in Clayton's parking lot at work (I was picking him up before Hayden so that we could all go eat lunch together). I got to his classroom before they were dismissed, so I peeked in. All the little kiddos were sitting at a table and they looked like they were having fun. Hayden saw me and was excited that I was there. His teacher, Miss Gail, told him it was time to go home and he didn't even put up a fight. She just picked him up and handed him over. He was so happy that school was so much fun, but he was tired. I am SO glad that he likes it there. The school is wonderful and the teachers are fantastic. He is going to have such a great year there :)


Angie said...

How exciting!! So glad he enjoyed it!!

april said...

Glad it went well. As a former preschool teacher, sounds like you are one of the good moms!! Some moms are hard, you have to escort them to the parking lot!! Your son will love it! Preschool is loads of fun, at least it was where I worked!