Monday, August 05, 2013

Happy 35th Birthday to Me

I cannot believe that I am 35.  Geez!  That seems so old.  My mom took us out to lunch at Asian Cafe and then took my kiddos back with her.  Since we were alone, Clayton and I decided to head out to Dandelion Market in uptown Charlotte (it is NOT kid friendly).  We went there for our anniversary last year and fell in love with it.  They don't serve big plates.  The menu features many tapas (small plates) and you are supposed to order several to split with the people with you.  It is great because you get a little bit of everything and don't overeat.  To start, we ordered one of the specials.  It was an avocado/fresh crab/diced peppers thing (shown below).  It was ridiculously good!!  Clayton and I can't quit talking about it.  We want to go back just for this.

For our second round, we ordered the shrimp & grits and the macaroni & cheese.  The macaroni was good but the shrimp was amazing.  Actually, the grits is what we both adored.  They were topped with goat cheese and it worked so well with all the other flavors.  It looks like the plate only had 2 shrimp but it actually had 4 large ones.

For round 3, we ordered a sausage stuffed pepper.  It was good but not our favorite.  We were full by then so we didn't finish it.

Round 4 was dessert.  I ordered a trio of creme brulees.  Creme brulee is one of my favorite desserts and this didn't disappoint.  The flavors were chocolate, green tea, and vanilla.

Oh, I forgot to mention our drinks.  Clayton had a beer sampler and I had 2 martinis.  The first martini was a blueberry lemon drop and the second one was pear.  They were both good but the pear one was my fave.
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