Sunday, January 13, 2013

Love this!

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Julie Lyons said...

Brandy, I'm just now getting to checking in on you! Hope the surro journey #3 went well and that life is good for you! :) I saw below where you were having tummy troubles, I hope the docs were able to find out what was wrong and fix it! I hated that about pregnancy, the OB tells you to see a GP because OBs are pregnancy docs, the GP tells you they can't treat a pregnant woman so they send you to your OB and in the meantime, no one is treating the pregnant woman! I had gallbladder problems with my 2nd baby and it almost killed us both due to everyone passing the buck. Very scary.

Brandy said...

Long time, no hear gal! It's great to see you on my blog. They never did figure out what was wrong with me but it thankfully went away. Being tossed between doctors was no fun and it made me a bit panicky. I am just glad that things turned out okay. At least now I can have proper medical treatment as a non-pregnant patient if I have any more stomach problems.