Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Sorry for my long absence

I haven't been on here in forever and I apologize for just dropping off the face of Earth.  I have had my reasons though.  Sickness is the main culprit.  I have been sick since about week 6 of this pregnancy.  It seemed to innocently be good ole morning sickness so I didn't think much of it.  Then it got progressively worse.  Over the past few weeks, I have been in a lot of abdominal pain.  It has been so bad that I haven't been able to eat.  It hurts so bad after I have a meal or snack.  It's like someone has punched me in the gut.  My weight started to drop from my lack of eating and I spent all of my time in bed.  I decided to call my OB last week after I spent the morning crying on the floor from the pain.  Gall stones seemed to be likely since they commonly appear during pregnancy.  Unfortunately, the ultrasound came back clear.  My gall bladder, pancreas, and liver were all checked for abnormality.  Everything was fine.  I was so upset because that left me with no diagnosis or treatment plan.  What's even more frustrating is that my OB told me that they couldn't figure it out so I should see my general practitioner instead.  Like the gp can do anything?  I am pregnant for crying out loud!  When you are pregnant, no one wants to treat you and there usually isn't much that they can do.  I ended up in the urgent care office for my gp's office this past Sunday and the physician that I saw leaned toward a possible stomach ulcer.  He couldn't run any labwork though so it was just a guess.  He told me to see my gp this week so she could order the labs to see if anything was off.  Well, I have gotten a tiny bit better.  I have started to eat again and the pain isn't as intense as it was last week.  I am holding out on making any appointments for now.  I have an OB appt. on 9/17 so I think I can wait until then to discuss a possible ulcer.  We shall see.    


Roger and Donna said...

When I was pregnant I was really sick too. They found a large fibroid in my uterus and it caused so much pain when it degenerated. From that ongoing pain I developed what they believe was/ is acid reflux.... gastritis....hope you feel better soon!!!

Julie Lyons said...

Oh my, big hugs. I hated that part of pregnancy where the ob says go to the gp and the gp says go to the ob! I hope things are better now!

Brandy said...

Thanks guys! I am feeling mucho better so whatever it was went away. I suspect it was an ulcer since it has healed on its own.