Monday, February 13, 2012

Surrogacy journey #3 is underway!

I am thrilled to be jumping into the world of surrogacy once more.  Surrobaby #2 will hopefully be getting a sibling.  The parents have 2 frozen embryos left from our last cycle.  We hope that at least one can survive the thaw and snuggle into my uterus for 9 months.  Both embryos are girls so baby girl would be getting a sister/sisters if this works.  The intended parents (IPs) need lots of prayers and good thoughts as my IM is flying to San Francisco on Friday for her initial consultation.  I can't wait to begin this journey again with this awesome family and hopefully be birthing a new baby for them around the end of the year!!


Marja said...

Will have everything crossed that one or both babies stick so they can add to their family. You really are amazing!