Friday, January 08, 2010


My VNG test came out normal. I was expecting that to happen though since I haven't been getting dizzy lately. I really would have liked to have the testing done while I was experiencing daily dizziness. Maybe now the nerve has healed enough to not be defective any more. Who knows? Anyway, the audiologist was a bit baffled on some of my symptoms and seems to think that I may be experiencing migraines now. They really have no clue and that scares me even more. If the doctors don't know then I am at a loss. I want to know what went wrong with my inner ear. Oh well, maybe it is on the mend now and all this crap is now officially over. I did know going into this test that it could come out normal even if I still had issues. Sometimes the test can't determine damage when you are feeling well as opposed to if you went into it while feeling bad.

BTW, that test was brutal. The cold air that she shot into my ears induced instant vertigo. I had to clutch the table because I thought that it would spin me right off of it. That air thingie is evil I tell ya!


The Hoover Family said...

That is cruel. We do a similiar test using cold water to test for brain death in kids. So I think you should have gotten paid big bucks to take that. THAT IS CRAZY and CRUEL!!!