Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A White Halloween

Dang it, I got a visitor today that I really didn't want. Look at my front steps. I sure hope it doesn't get worse. We already have more than enough to ruin Halloween if it sticks around. I would guess that we have about 6-8 in. so far from this current storm and we are in for more over the next 24 hours. Now how in the world are my kiddos going to be able to get on all their snow gear underneath their costumes? Ugh.

Our poor Halloween decorations (somewhere under the snow is a giant purple spider blow-up thing)
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Nicole said...

That's Colorado for ya! It never fails and I hate it.

We have 1 1/2 feet here in Littleton. School and trick or treat street were both cancelled for today and then again tomorrow.

wholarmor said...

Yuck! Keep your snow to yourself!

Adventures Abroad said...

That Stinks!