Thursday, January 25, 2007


Well, I know I haven't been the best about keeping up with my blog lately, but I have just had so much going on lately. I will try to do better. ;)

I have lots of scrapbook layouts to show you all but they are under wraps until they are revealed through The ScrapRoom and 3 Scrappy Boys. They will be posted as soon as I can do so. I have had to scrap like a mad woman over the past few days to meet my deadlines. It can be a bit stressful, but it is well worth getting the kits for free and being on their design teams. :)

Our Fall Disney trip has been changed. My Mom and my Aunt are backing out. Ugh! I don't think that any of my extended family members are going to go now. We are still going to go without them, but I sure wish that they were going too. As of this point, I have us booked for Port Orleans-French Quarter. That will likely change though. I really want us to be in a hotel on the monorail system. I know that rules out the Wilderness Lodge, but I still really love that one. I am just waiting to see what deals pop up and then I will go from there. A lot of people think that free dining will be offered during our stay. Regardless of it being free, we are definitely doing the dining plan. I can't wait!!

***Warning, MAJOR cable rant ahead***
I am so mad at Mediacom and Sinclair Broadcasting that I could just spit. They are feuding and as a result, I will not be able to see Grey's Anatomy tonight. I have had to watch the past 2 new episodes on the web. Sinclair broadcasts ABC and another channel (I can't think of which one). They demanded more money when their contract with Mediacom was up at the end of last year. Well, Mediacom says that they are being unfair and are asking for alot more than they should. In the meantime, Sinclair has taken their channels off of the line-up and so I have to suffer for it. Sheesh, I don't even get the local news any more. You better believe that I am going to be majorly ticked off if this hasn't been resolved by February 7th. I do not want to miss the new episodes of LOST and I sure as heck do not want to wait until they make them available online. Watching that show on my laptop just isn't the same. Clayton made an appointment to switch us to the Dish Network, but we had to cancel. We don't like the idea of holes being put into our walls nor do we want cords running everywhere. Besides, we were going to keep the cable Internet and that posed lots of problems for the satellite hook-up because they wouldn't be able to use our cable outlets. Sigh...


Krista Smith said...

Don't I KNOW it!!! I'm so mad about the cable thing.

It sucks ass.