Wednesday, December 06, 2006 pics, presents, Santa, etc.

Hey all! I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day. I am just sitting around contemplating the millions of things that I need to be doing. Ugh. I have some wonderful school pics of the boys to share with you, but I haven't scanned them in yet. I will do that sometime after lunch. They are so cute! They will show up at the top of my blog this afternoon. ;)

Does anyone like Grey's Anatomy? I have just started getting into that show and I am now officially hooked. I haven't watched any of the new season yet, but they are all DVRed. Disk 2 from season 2 just got sent back to Blockbuster and I can't wait to get the next one. That show really makes me want to go to med school. Well, we all know that I would never give up my domesticity to actually have a career though. LOL

My kids are going to be bombarded with so many gifts this year that we are going to get rid of everything that we have right now. I am serious. These kids are getting so much that we see no need in keeping everything that we already have. Check out their gift list. It contains gifts that I know are coming to them from us, Santa, grandparents, and other family members. Lord knows what else they will be getting that I don't already know about.

Here's the list so far:

-Elmo TMX
-HotWheels Criss Cross Crash
-Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
-the *ENTIRE* collection of all the diecast Disney Cars
-Power Rangers Solar Streak Megazord (my kids aren't into PR, but this thing is cool in that it is like a Trans Former-it can be changed from a big dude to a train)
-several board games like Chutes and Ladders/Candyland
-Tinkertoys (the real wooden ones)
-Little People Farm and the accessories
-Little People Amusement Park
-a new spiral track for our wooden Thomas train set
-a new table top for their train table since Hayden peeled up the design (sheesh!)
-Light Brite
-Thomas Aquadoodle mat (this thing is so neat-Thomas actually moves along a track that the kids draw)
-Elmo Aquadoodle mat
-lots of new Thomas trains
-DVDs (Curious George, Cars, and Elmo)
-projector that works with a book of stories
-Caterpillar construction vehicles
-large talking Lightning McQueen car
-LeapFrog alphabet spider

The bad thing is that I know there are things that I have bought, but can't remember what they are. Everything is already wrapped so it will be a surprise to me when they open them.

Clayton's Mom and Jack bought us tickets to ride the Polar Express on the 14th. We are so excited! The kids get to wear their jammies and drink hot chocolate during the ride. They will meet Santa too. I will be sure to take lots of pics and post them to the blog afterward.

Speaking of meeting Santa, we went last weekend. Hayden couldn't wait to sit on his lap and Emerson didn't want to go near him, lol. I did buy a pic, but it is horrible. I didn't realize it until after we left. The camera focused on the background instead of H and Santa. I am going to scan the pic and see if I can photoshop it. We'll see. I am doubtful, but oh well. At least he got to give Santa his wishlist. ;)


Anonymous said...

Wow!! They're going to have a HUGE christmas!! How fun!

We just did the same thing -- we donated nearly all of Addie and Delaney's toys (except for one toy box in each of their rooms) to make room for new ones. :)