Thursday, September 07, 2006

Surrogacy Update

I talked with my IM last night and I am so excited that they may use an egg donor to try having a baby again. I happily agreed to carry for them if they decide to travel that path. I have enjoyed being a part of their journey to parenthood and I would love nothing more than to work with them again. All they have to do is tell me when and I am there. They may change their minds and do adoption though, so I am not getting my hopes up too much just yet. In 2 weeks, they will let me know their decision as they have a lot of research to do before making up their minds. No matter what they decide, I will stand behind them and cheer them on. They are the sweetest couple and I just know that they will make wonderful parents.

If they decide to go the adoption route, I am going to give a third and final couple a try. I really want to be a surrogate and I feel like it is my calling. Nothing would make me happier or make me feel more worthwhile than to help a couple achieve their dream of parenthood.