Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wow, I am a complete slacker

Things have been nutso lately, so the ole blog got put on the backburner. Let me catch up quickly right now and I will post some photos tonight or tomorrow.

The Surrogacy
Everything is going according to plan as of right now. My intended mother (IM) begins her drugs today for her upcoming egg retrieval. This Friday will be my internal ultrasound to check my lining and bloodwork. Hopefully, it will all be perfect. I will be flying out to Denver on the 23rd and our embryo transfer will be sometime between the 24th-26th. I will have 2 days of boring bedrest, but I hope that my IM and my computer keep me company. We are so excited! Please keep my intended parents in your prayers. I really want to make this happen for them, but I realize that once the babies are in me, it is up to God.

I am thrilled to announce that I have made it to Phase 2 of the competition for the new design team for The ScrapRoom! Best of all, my friend Shirley made it too!! She is the previous owner of The Scrapbook Stand where I was lucky enough to be chosen for her first design team. Cool, huh?

The Kiddos
They are both doing well. Hayden is going through a VERY annoying phase though. He whines and cries all the time. He is a total drama king. Emerson is going to the physical therapist next week and we will find out if he needs to see a foot doctor. I sure hope not!

My Birthday
My birthday was a week ago on the 2nd. I got lots of cards and well wishes that made me feel special. Hubby took me out to eat Mexican that night with our friends, the Smiths. It was excellent as always. On Friday, Clayton arranged for the kids to go to Parents Night Out at our YMCA. We got to go out to Olive Garden and Barnes & Noble by ourselves! Now that was a treat :)

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I am 28 this year again. No, seriously. I mean that. Stupid me thought that I was 28 all last year until I saw my page on myspace. It said that I was 27 and I thought that it was wrong, lol. I looked in my profile to see if I had entered my year wrong, but it was right. After doing the math, it occured to me that I skipped being 27 for almost the whole year!


Jenny said...


I'm so glad you enjoyed your special day. I can't wait to see you!!

Angie said...

You're a goof! 28 again! That's too funny! Wishing you much luck with the surrogacy!!

Krista Smith said...

Glad we could be there with ya on your birthday! And glad you got another "real" night out!
See ya tomorrow!