Friday, May 12, 2006

Updates on Big E and the Surrogacy

On Monday, Emerson went to see a cardiologist. After the doc listened to his heart, he said that there were 2 murmurs (holes)-1 innocent and the other he couldn't tell. That's when we had to get an ultrasound. You guys have no idea how sucky it was to hold him on an exam table for 30 min. while this gal kept running the transducer all over his chest. It took forever! They played a movie for him to try and keep him occupied, but he couldn't stand it much longer when the tech was almost done. We were lucky to get the last photo that was needed. It turns out that both murmurs are innocent and he can live a normal life. I am so thrilled beyond words to know that he will be okay and that the murmurs are nothing to worry about.

A shout out to all my readers, I appreciate all of the support that we have been given :)

On Wednesday and today, E went to physical therapy. The gal that is working with him is really nice and good at keeping him entertained. We couldn't get him to walk for her at the first appt. to see how he does it, but she did get to see him stand. She showed me that his ankles are very weak and that he walks on the inside of his feet. It sounds strange, but it looks even weirder, lol. We are going to have to get him to correct that so that he will walk more consistently and so that he doesn't have bigger problems down the road (bad legs/achy hips/bad back). She showed me several ways to help build his muscles up and so we have been doing that. He seems to do the exercises really well. At today's appt., he walked and stood around for her. She doesn't think that it will take too long to get him walking correctly. Yay!

I am so excited to say that the surrogacy is going along fairly well at this point. I am meeting the intended parents tomorrow. They are driving up from Atlanta to meet us. We are looking forward to talking to them face-to-face. On the 23rd, Clayton and I are flying out to Denver, CO. We will be going through the screening stuff for the clinic to make sure that neither one of us has any diseases and that we aren't insane. I am so excited to get through this part with our new couple. After the tests are over and we pass inspection, we will be on our way to doing the injections again. Yay!!! Wish us luck! We won't be back until the 25th. I will update the blog as soon as I get back to let you all know how it went ;)


Angie said...

So glad to hear the good news about little E! And, good luck with the surrogacy!

Renae Burt said...

big days ahead for you guys!
And I am soo happy for Emerson...I know exactly how you feel, been through it all too...and I know, it was NO fun. Thank God they are innocent murmers!

*Heather said...

Wow a lot has been going on with you...need to get here more often! My crazy busy life! So glad to hear the heart murmurs our not life altering. I have one and grew up just fine! ;) And I sure commend you for going through with the are a wonderful woman to do that!